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Question : Why do I keep getting Incorrect Clicks When I Surf?
Answer :

If you keep getting the message "wrong click" when you are surfing:

1.  Stop Surfing-Too many wrong clicks will get your account suspended by the script.

2.  Try clearing your cache and cookies in your browser

3.  What browser are you using?  Note:  Opera does not work well with the LFMTE script.

4.  Change to the Classic Surfbar.  To do this:  Click on Surf Settings in the surfbar and select the Classic Surfbar.

5.  Some browser add-ons will cause an incorrect click.  For example:  Firefox has a couple of add-ons that will cause incorrect clicks.

6.  Did you have an issue with a bad site and then clicked the "back" button? Clicking the "back" button on your browser will always show an incorrect click.  No worries here though, just report the site.  You will not be suspended because this doesn't happen often.  (We try to keep a clean & smooth-running surfer experience)

If none of these suggestions help, please submit a support ticket


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