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Question : How do I get my Commissions?
Answer :



Be sure to have your paypal email entered in your profile

Payza commission requests must contact support with their payza email address In your account under rewards, then Commissions

Our Commission Policy We pay out weekly, on Fridays. This means we take care of all processor fees so you get full value for your promotions.

Minimum payout for commissions is $10. Payments will be held for 30 days to allow for refunds. No hoops! Everybody gets paid regardless of member level, and regardless of the type of cash in their account (prizes or commissions, all will be paid). The obvious! You must have your payment email address in your profile to get paid.
So check your profile We are not a bank. We cannot and will not hold your commissions indefinitely. If you have not entered your payment email in your profile, and you do not login to your account for at least 6 months, we will be forced to deduct any unclaimed commissions. BUT, you will be able to clearly see those commissions in your account and can send a support ticket to reclaim IF you ever decide to login at a later date.


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